“Reinventing Customer service with AI” By empowering contact center automation to fully automate the customer journey over the phone for a successful experience and best engagements. An AI-empowered Call-bot gives your customers a natural conversation with human-like native Arabic dialects.
• Easy-to-follow
• An easy development conversation, no code.
• Designed to be easy to use
• A quick and easy customer experience, no waiting time.

Smart Predictor

Fast, forward date-based solutions to turn AI into ROI, going from data analytics to leading predictive that feed scalable data-driven solutions. From data preparation through value tracking, Smart Predictor equips you with enterprise-grade stability and scalability.
• Twice the Knowledge
• Serve the customers with high accuracy of advanced solutions.
• Twice the Speed
• Decision-making and security of data with reduced time.

Smart Hire

Reinvent your hiring With AI-powered CV Screening, Skills Assessment and Psychometrics Analysis

Cyber mind

CYBER MIND is an advanced technology company offering complete Cybersecurity solutions, both hardware, software, and professional services that will produce the greatest scalability and increased productivity, helping our customers meet their extraordinary demands.
• Hyperscale Security
• Network Security and NGFW
• Endpoint Security & EDR Solution
• Proxy, VPN & Encryption Solution
• DLP Forensics & Visibility Solution
• Access Control Solutions
• ATP & Sandboxing Solution
• Web & Email Security
• OT, Ai & IoT Security Solutions
• Cloud Security
• SOC & SIEM Solutions Cybersecurity Professional Services: Delivery, implementation, and Consultancy.

Ray Media

An Arabic-focused AI technology sentiment analysis to analyze your audience’s opinions about your brand based on the most recent machine learning algorithms, advanced cloud technologies, and natural language processing
• Smarter Business
• Understand all Arabic local dialects with Human-like accuracy
• Better Experience
• Improve customer service, labor market, and business reputation.

Step Zero

Helping startups and enterprises innovate with digital marketing, adding an exponential factor to your business leveraging artificial intelligence to maximize technology investments for a better experience and more revenue streams.
• Platinum Experience
• Combine creativity, technical expertise, and process-driven development.
• Platinum Brand
• Know what to expect ahead of time - from the first call we work on building success.

Digital Dev

Paving the way for digital transformation, software, and App development services. Digital Dev delivers a model-tailor made for your business needs to expand your digital footprint to the world, focusing on governmental, telecommunication, and education sectors.
• Accreting Technology
• Scale your business to infinite future-ready technology services.
• Accelerating Growth
• Leverage our in-depth expertise to the fullest to grow your business.