Welcome to the 20th Century Ai

Improving the great role that machines play in the development of humanity and moving the world to development and prosperity.

About Us

A Saudi technology company, Future Look, specializes in building state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and digital solutions that enable businesses to harness new levels of productivity, efficiency, and growth by leveraging data and artificial intelligence. We've developed platform components, products, and solutions that automate processes and address challenges using artificial intelligence and information algorithms.

With the best applications to enhance a meaningful and rich life using data and artificial intelligence, given us a great opportunity to reshape the way we manage our environment today, to make many choices resulting from humane interaction with the machine and to provide the flexibility necessary to integrate with different work environments.

Our Mission

To be the leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world in the field of artificial intelligence and data science, and play a key role in the digital transformation system, which forms one of the core pillars of the Kingdome’s 2030 Vision.

Our Vision

We intend to become one of the most reliable sources of technology for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region, developing the most effective solutions to enhance processes and expand opportunities. This presents us with an excellent opportunity to reshape the way our clients manage their businesses today through human-machine interaction, along with the ability to integrate our intelligent products with a variety of working environments.

Our Values

In the future look group, our values represent a fundamental part of our culture and business, and data science and artificial intelligence technologies are the new frontiers of humanity. Once these boundaries are crossed, artificial intelligence will lead to a new

The guiding principle of artificial intelligence is not to become independent or replace human intelligence, but we must make sure that it is developed through a human approach based on values. These values establish the quality of our work and enhance our credibility, commitment to science and innovation and our keenness to help humanity and the world shape the way we conduct our business.